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Thermal transfer printing is a new method of printing patterns on goods of various materials, especially suitable for making small and diverse personalized and customized goods, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to print the digital pattern on the special transfer paper with special transfer ink through the printer, and then use the special transfer machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the product at high temperature and high pressure to complete the product printing.

The pattern based on thermal transfer printing is rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, with small color difference and good reproducibility, which can meet the requirements of pattern designers and is suitable for mass production. Therefore, the thermal transfer process using thermal transfer film can The precise reproduction of complex patterns on a variety of different materials plays a pivotal role in the packaging and printing industry.

ROHM's newly launched DEGALAN® M810 resin product, as the main resin in the thermal transfer formulation, is not only the main contributor to the "authentic" reproduction of clear patterns and rich colors, but also improves the temperature resistance during the transfer process. Metastatic. The high-quality hot stamping structure brings products with high recognizability, making it into application scenarios such as tobacco and alcohol packaging and anti-counterfeiting labels.

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Product advantages: ●Temperature resistance ●Excellent transferability ●High flexibility ●Alcohol resistance ●No harmful substances

Application areas: ●thermal transfer ●plastic paint ●automotive interior ●leather ●PVC

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