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In the flame retardant electrical material industry, the most widely used flame retardants are magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. For a good flame retardant, in addition to the production process and surface treatment, the original mine geology has a fundamental impact on the product quality. The magnesium hydroxide mine selected by the Russian mining industry has few associated minerals in the rough stone and a high content of brucite (magnesium hydroxide). It is a mineral powder that can replace synthetic magnesium hydroxide in the cable material.

The Russian mine-process magnesium hydroxide EcoPiren 3,5CA is mainly used in low-smoke and low-halogen cable materials and halogen-free cable materials. At present, the most common material in the market is halogen-free cable material.

1. Aluminum hydroxide is the most widely used flame retardant in halogen-free cable materials. Aluminum hydroxide has a low decomposition temperature and can absorb a large amount of heat in the early stage of combustion. Better plastic compatibility is widely used by customers, but hydrogen Magnesium oxide has excellent high temperature flame retardancy and lower cost. Clients usually use it in combination.

2. The main resin of the low-smoke and low-halogen cable material is PVC, the general processing temperature is 150 degrees, the drawing temperature is about 180 degrees, and the decomposition temperature of aluminum hydroxide is only 150 degrees, which is not competent. In this direction, customers usually use hydroxide Magnesium to meet the flame retardant needs of low smoke.

Figure 1: Wire and cable

Production process of halogen-free cable material
Air-cooled eager cutting method:

1. Internal mixer mixing (full dispersion and mixing).

2. Double wrist feeding or cone double feeding (forced feeding).

3. Single screw extrusion.

4. Air-cooled die surface eagerly → secondary cyclone → lengthened air-cooled vibrating screen → silo.

Using a 150 extruder can achieve output: 350KG/h (must use a mixer to make AL(OH)3 and base material EVA better compatible; if only twin-screw is used, there will be poor dispersion. Good; the advantage of feeding with two wrists is that the material is mixed again when feeding; this is very guarantee of the quality of the material).

Figure 2: Halogen-free pellets

Haiyi Product Support
In the cable material industry, the magnesium hydroxide of the Russian mining industry can provide customers with lower-cost solutions. In addition to magnesium hydroxide, Haiyi has more product support:

Supplier Product Segment Application
Honeywell Lubricants PVC Cable Compounds
Russian Mining Magnesium Hydroxide EVA Cable Material
Songwon Antioxidant PE Cable Compound
Iridite 250G Shielded Cable Compound
Sunshine Carbon Black Sheathed Cable Compound
Momentive cross strength agent PEX cable compound
Evonik Reinforcing agent Rubber cable compound

The difference between EcoPiren 3,5CA and domestic competitors?

For the materials of the ore method, the product characteristics depend greatly on the natural ore itself, such as iron ore, some with high content and some with low content. The main reason is the mine itself. The dolomite and magnesite associated with brucite in the production mining area of ​​3,5CA are relatively small, and only the composition of brucite is magnesium hydroxide, which has flame retardancy. In the industry, the element content is usually detected by infrared method to obtain the total magnesium content, but it does not distinguish which kind of magnesium ore. With the same content of magnesium, the obtained real brucite, that is, the effective flame retardant component, will have a gap of more than 20%. In short, the addition amount can be reduced by 20%.

3,5CA usage plan in the formula?

If it is a pure aluminum formula, 15-20% of 3,5CA can be added, the mechanical ability is basically unchanged, and the oxygen index is unchanged. It can reduce the formulation cost and improve the late-stage flame retardant ability. If the synthetic magnesium scheme is used, 20% of the synthetic magnesium hydroxide in the formula can be replaced to reduce the cost. If it is a domestic magnesium formula, the dosage of magnesium can be reduced and the mechanical properties can be improved. If it is a formula of aluminum hydroxide and domestic magnesium, the amount of magnesium can be increased, the amount of aluminum can be reduced, and a product with better mechanical properties and lower cost can be developed.