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In the dyeing and hair care industry, we can always see one word in the promotional materials of L'Oreal and Shiseido - Emma Cream, the unique brand of Shanrong Chemical. Shanrong Chemical not only sells the existing models of "Emma Cream", but also can customize the customer's exclusive model according to customer needs, and comprehensively solve customer needs. Let's walk into Shanrong Chemical and the magical "Emma Cream" together.


About Sanyo Chemical

Shanrong Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in Japan on January 26, 1959. It is the pioneer of EMACOL, an oil for hair dye, and a pioneer of raw materials in the dyeing and hair care industry.

Designed to create beautiful hair, Shanrong Chemical Co., Ltd., which has been cultivating raw materials for hair for 70 years, has about 50 research and innovation personnel, dedicated to the innovation of dyeing, perming, shampooing and hair care materials, and the development of new skin care materials. At the same time, Shanrong Chemical is also a member of the Cosmetics Fair Citation Association, the Japan Hair Science Association, the Japan Perm Industry Association, and the Hair Science Technologist Association, and has obtained ISO certification.


The magic "Emma ointment"


③<<Typical product model and function>>

EMACOL CZ 5302: This product is a base material used to inhibit hair dyes irritating hair products, adding raw materials with skin treatment and anti-inflammatory effects. Before applying the hair dye, apply the irritation inhibitor to the scalp and massage it. After 5-10 minutes, apply the dye cream directly, which can effectively reduce the irritation caused by alkaline agents and hydrogen peroxide. This product only acts on the scalp, so it will not affect the coloring performance.
EMACOL CZ 4171: This product is an oil-soluble additive containing cholesterol (a lipid component of hair), ceramides, free fatty acids, phytosterols and oil-soluble collagen. It can replenish lipids for the hair and effectively repair the hair damage caused by the loss of internal components of the hair. Add a small amount, that is, there is marked effect.
EMACOL CZ 3984: This product is a product with 13 kinds of golden vegetable oils added. It has the unique oily feel of vegetable oils, which can bring excellent moisturizing feeling to hair products and skin care products.
EMACOL CZ 4173: This product is refined by chemically balancing isostearic acid, olive oil, and shea butter: a plant-derived shampoo additive that imparts excellent moisturization to the hair when rinsed and dry feel and combability. After use, the hair has a good spring and pull, and it can also be used in a volume-boosting shampoo for fine hair.
EMACOL CZ 0567: An aqueous solution made of jojoba oil, squalane, liquid lanolin and other oils that are transparent and solubilized for hair repair. Improves suppleness during rinsing and smoothness after use.
EMACOL CZ 5400: Mainly based on amino-modified silicone oil with high adsorption, mixed with various types of silicone oil. : Especially for rinse-off hair products, it is used for the purpose of improving the smoothness during rinsing. Added to straightening cream for high hair restoration effect.
EMACOL EX 17229 contains a large amount of special silicone oil modified by alkyl group, which not only has the unique smooth feeling of ordinary silicone oil, but also brings a good fat-bearing feeling to the hair, so as to achieve the effect of using feeling better than ordinary silicone oil. In addition, the addition of dibasic acid ester can improve the penetration and ductility of the product to hair and skin.
EMACOL EX 17372: Contains 12 carefully selected flower extracts
EMACOL EX 17373: Contains 13 carefully selected flower extracts
EMACOL EX 17374: Added with 9 carefully selected fruit extracts