Product | Nouryon's Expancel Expanded Microspheres - Epoxy Foam Film Application

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Background of Nouryon

Nouryon is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Industries across the globe rely on its essentials solutions to produce everyday needs such as personal care, cleaning, coatings, building materials, agricultural products, food and pharmaceuticals. With our nearly 400-year history, the dedication of our more than 7,900 employees worldwide, and our shared commitment to customers, business growth, safety, sustainability and innovation, Nouryon has consistently delivered strong financial performance. Nouryon's business covers more than 80 countries around the world, and it owns many industry-leading product brands. Among them, Expancel expanded microspheres are the most mysterious additive products of the Nouryon family!


Industry: Epoxy Prepreg Products (for epoxy resin systems)

Industry problem: In the application of prepreg products, it can be used as an expandable core material, which can provide lighter, stronger and tougher properties for epoxy prepreg products such as sports equipment, without CNC cutting the surface.

Product number:

Expancel 920DU40/80/120, Expancel 043DU80 etc...

Product Features:

1. Compared with traditional lightweight core materials, such as PVC foam, PET foam, etc., the epoxy film made of Expancel microspheres can be integrally formed with epoxy prepreg and self-filling with the shape of the mold cavity.

2. Because of its regular spherical shape, Expancel microspheres can flow and conform well in the mold cavity.

3. Expancel microspheres can provide strong product toughness for prepreg products. Compared with other core materials, epoxy expandable adhesive film and epoxy prepreg have stronger bonding force.

4. The use of Expancel microspheres can avoid the grinding and cutting of PVC or PET and other materials.

Where is this microsphere product made?

The origin of such products is Sweden, there is a microsphere foaming factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang, and Haiyi will have long-term inventory stocking.

Is there a manufacturer specializing in the production of epoxy foam film?

Our company has partners specializing in the production of epoxy foam film, which can be recommended to customers of epoxy prepreg products.

Is there a mature application of this material in the prepreg industry?

Expancel microsphere products have relatively mature application cases and stable customers at home and abroad, and customers with similar applications can use it with confidence! Such as badminton rackets made of epoxy carbon fiber prepreg, safety helmets, drone propellers, surfboards, etc...