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Are you confused about improving the wettability of quartz stone fillers? Worried about reducing the total cost of your recipes? Then BYK-W 907 is just in time! BYK-W 907 is a wetting and dispersing additive specially developed for unsaturated resin systems filled with large quantities of quartz sand. Let's learn more about it together!

BYK-W 907

product description

Product Description A high molecular polymer solution containing filler-friendly groups with an active substance content of 52%
Dosage is based on 0.25-0.5% of the liquid component and should be added to the liquid component before filler addition
Precautions Crystallization is easy to occur when the temperature is lower than 25 °C, and the solution can be clarified by heating to 30-40 °C before use.

BYK-W 907 product advantages
Reduce the amount of liquid components such as resins
Reduce overall raw material costs
maintain mechanical properties
Reduce viscosity and increase filler content in casting system

Specific comparison of product advantages

Reduce the amount of liquid components added

Adding 0.5% resin content of BYK-W 907 can reduce the liquid content by 7%


Reduce raw material costs

Only adding BYK-W 907 with 0.5% liquid component can reduce the usage of all liquid components by 7%, and the overall raw material cost is greatly reduced.


Maintain mechanical strength

Solution: Increase investment in new product research and development, and strive to create popular products with differentiated design


Strongly reduces the viscosity of the casting system

Solution: continue to carry out market promotion, online and offline promotion simultaneously to increase sales


Author summary

1. BYK-W 907 can achieve overall cost reduction by reducing the content of liquid components and maintain its mechanical properties.

2. BYK-W 907 can also reduce the viscosity in the casting system and increase the filler content.
Product Q&A Moment
Q1: For high-filled casting systems, how to further increase the amount of filler added?
A1: To increase the amount of filler added, it is necessary to reduce the viscosity of the system. BYK-W 907 can strongly reduce the viscosity of the system and increase the filler content.

Q2: After the quartz stone is mixed, it is found that there are many dry agglomerated particles, how to solve it?
A2: This is caused by the poor infiltration effect of resin on quartz sand. BYK-W 907 is recommended to reduce system viscosity and enhance wetting effect.