Product | Application of Expancel microspheres in artificial leather

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1 Introduction to Expancel Microspheres 

Expancel microspheres are extremely tiny spherical particles whose structure is a polymer shell with gas inside. When heated, the gas pressure inside the microsphere increases and the thermoplastic shell softens, allowing the volume to expand rapidly, while the gas remains inside the shell.


2.  Product models and basic properties of Expancel microspheres

The type of Expancel used in artificial leather is dry powder unexpanded type, with different particle sizes and expansion temperatures. Model: 920 DU 20, 920 DU 40, 909DU 80, 920 DU 120, 093 DU 120, etc.

Expansion temperature - low temperature: below 150℃, medium temperature: 150-180℃, high temperature: above 180℃.

Small particle size surface effect: smooth surface, similar to nubuck leather; large particle size surface effect: rough surface, similar to suede leather. 


Formula application of three  Expancel microspheres in synthetic leather

Formula: PU resin (100 parts), MEK (50-70 parts), pigment, wood powder, wax, Expancel DU microspheres (2-6 parts), xylene, etc.


Storage performance of four Expancel microspheres
Expancel has good storage stability and excellent chemical resistance. Solvents used in artificial leather: toluene, MEK, isopropyl alcohol, etc. can be used with Expancel microspheres.