Product丨How to create a high-quality wrinkle paint effect?

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Wrinkle paint is a special paint that can form an irregular wrinkle-like surface after painting, which has unique beauty and decorative properties. Wrinkle paint is widely used in furniture, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, auto parts and other fields, bringing people unusual visual enjoyment.


The production principle of wrinkle paint is to use the different shrinkage coefficients of different components in the paint to cause uneven stress in the coating film during the curing process, thereby forming wrinkles. Therefore, the formula design and coating process of wrinkle paint are very important. Various factors such as solid content, viscosity, leveling property, drying time, curing temperature, coating thickness, etc. of the coating need to be considered.


In the formula of wrinkle paint, the main resin is the key component that affects the wrinkle effect. It determines the flexibility, adhesion, weather resistance and other properties of the coating film. Generally speaking, the narrower the molecular weight distribution of the main resin, the more uniform the wrinkle effect, and the higher the quality of the wrinkle paint.

Evonik's polyester resin DYNAPOL LH831-24N is a main resin specially designed for wrinkle paint formulations. It has the following performance advantages:

- The molecular weight distribution is relatively narrow, which can produce a uniform wrinkle effect and improve the aesthetics and decoration of wrinkle paint;

- Features of high solids and low viscosity, the solid content reaches 70%, which can reduce the amount and cost of coatings, while improving the leveling and drying speed of coatings;

- It has excellent adhesion and flexibility to metals and can be applied to substrates of different shapes and materials to ensure the integrity and durability of the coating film;

- It has good weather resistance and can meet the needs of indoor or outdoor building materials coatings, home appliance panel coatings and other fields, ensuring the color and gloss of the coating film.


Evonik polyester resin DYNAPOL LH831-24N is a very cost-effective polyester resin that can help you create high-quality wrinkle paint effects and make your products more outstanding.


Precautions for recipe adjustment

When using Evonik polyester resin DYNAPOL LH831-24N as the host resin in wrinkle paint formulations, there are some things to note. Here are some common questions and answers:

①Q: Can leveling agent be added to the formula?

Answer: It is not recommended to add leveling agent, because too high leveling will reduce the wrinkle effect, resulting in unobvious or uneven wrinkles. If the leveling properties of the coating are not good, the viscosity or curing temperature can be adjusted appropriately.

②Q: Can matting powder be added to the formula?

Answer: A small amount of matting powder can be appropriately added to the formula to help control the stability of the wrinkle paint and prevent changes in the wrinkle paint during storage or transportation. However, the amount of matting powder should not be too much, otherwise it will affect the gloss and decoration of the wrinkle paint.