Product丨Product Application of Carfil®C80, a high-efficiency rheological additive for powdered Carbo

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01  Carfil®C80 product introduction

Carfil® C80 is a highly cross-linked acrylic homopolymer powder.


02 Application of Carfil®C80 in no-rinse disinfectant gel


03 Application of Carfil®C80 in shampoo


04 Application of Carfil®C80 in creams


Carfil® C80 Summary

Carfil® C80 carbomer is a highly cross-linked acrylic homopolymer powder that does not contain benzene solvents. It is a white powder with strong hygroscopicity, excellent rheological balance properties and suspension stability. Carfil® C80 can play the role of suspending, stabilizing, and thickening. It is an ideal additive in the field of personal care and is being used in personal care fields such as lotions, creams, gels, shampoos, and facial masks.



Q: What are the characteristics of Carfil®C80 and carbomers on the market?

Answer: Carfil®C80 is a powdered carbohydrate that does not contain benzene solvents and is more environmentally friendly; it has excellent thickening and suspending properties; excellent transparency; and a wide range of formula applicability.

Q: What is the thickening mechanism of carbomer polymer?

Answer: Covalently cross-linked polymers swell in water to form microgels; when microgels are neutralized by alkali, the molecular chains expand due to electrostatic repulsion, and the volume expands rapidly, and the expanded microgels fill space; carbomer polymers Forms hydrogen bonds with some hydroxyl donors.

Q: In addition to the personal care field, what other industries can Carfil® C80 be used in?

Answer: It can also be used in coupling agents, coatings and other industries.