Curing agent VESTALITE ® S 101 for epoxy SMC

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VESTALITE®S 101 is a curing agent specially designed for epoxy SMC. Resin systems using VESTALITE® S 101 101 have lower initial viscosity and excellent fiber wetting during the impregnation process of reinforcement materials, and can be applied to epoxy SMC products with high fiber content. At the same time, VESTALITE®S 101 has very high reactivity at 150°C, allowing the product to be completely cured within 4-5 minutes.

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Operation suggestions "


  • We recommend preheating the resin to 30°C for better operation.
  • All other ingredients can be used at room temperature.
  • An additional internal release agent can be added.
  • Hardener and resin are mixed directly in the operation.
  • The resin hardener mixed system can be processed for at least 30 minutes. 
  • The produced SMC sheets mature after 6-8 hours and can still soften at 60-80°C.
  • It is recommended that the impregnated SMC sheet be cured at 25°C for at least 3 days. By increasing the curing temperature, the curing time can be reduced accordingly. The Tg value of the SMC matrix after curing is 45-55°C.
  • The cured SMC sheets are stable at room temperature for at least 4 weeks.


Q1  What are the VOCs of SMC sheets made with S 101 after curing?


A1  Epoxy SMC sheets made of S 101 are much less volatile than vinyl SMC systems and do not contain monomers such as styrene.



Q2  In which industries are epoxy SMC sheets currently mainly used?

A2  epoxy SMC sheets are currently mainly used in the new energy automobile industry, and also have great application potential in the field of FRP molds.