Product | Composite toughening tool—Evonik VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder

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What are fiber composites

Fiber composite materials are new materials composed of high-strength, high-modulus fibers and matrix materials. They have the advantages of light weight, high strength, and high rigidity. They are widely used in aerospace, automobiles, construction and other fields. However, fiber composites also face challenges such as brittleness, easy cracking, and weak interface bonding, and their properties need to be improved by adding toughening agents.


VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder is a high-performance toughening agent that can effectively improve the impact strength, wear resistance and processing performance of fiber composite materials.


What is VESTOSINT® Nylon Micropowder

VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder is a fine powder made of polyamide (PA12) with a particle size between 5-100 microns. It can be combined with glass or carbon fibers to form thermoplastic composites. These composites are compressed into multiple layers at temperatures above 200°C, resulting in molded parts that are lightweight and high-strength. Unlike thermoset moldings, these moldings can be reshaped at a later stage. The scrap material can be shredded and reprocessed as filler thermoplastic by any current plastic processing method.


Performance of Evonik’s VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder

Evonik's VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder can effectively improve various properties of fiber-reinforced composite materials, specifically as follows:

- Improve impact strength and fracture toughness: VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder forms spherical particles in composite materials, which can absorb energy and prevent crack propagation.

- Improved wear and corrosion resistance: VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder has wear and corrosion resistance and can protect composite materials from external factors.

- Improve processing performance and surface quality: VESTOSINT® nylon micropowder has fluidity and dispersibility, and can be fully mixed with various matrices to reduce defects and improve the processing performance and surface quality of composite materials.


Main product models of Evonik's nylon micropowder VESTOSINT series


Main performance parameters of Evonik nylon micropowder VESTOSINT® series