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  In a survey on hair issues that Chinese consumers are concerned about, we found that 64% of consumers are concerned about hair loss and hair loss, and 54% are concerned about hair damage.


      In response to the above survey, Haiyi Personal Care Products Sales Department recommends a global patented product of Wanhua Chemical, natural hair volumizing and smoothing factor - CARFIL ® H10


1. Basic introduction and mechanism of action of CARFIL ® H10




2. CARFIL ® H10 test data


The above experimental data show that the deposition effect of CARFIL ® H10 on hair is very significant, and the effect is better when used on damaged hair.

In the experiment to test the impact on mechanical properties, we used a blank group, a blank + 2.5% CARFIL ® H10, and two commercially available shampoos. After bending tests and tensile tests, CARFIL ® H10 can make hair Better toughness.


After testing the fullness and long-term fullness effect, it is not difficult to find that adding 2% CARFIL ® H10 can effectively improve the fullness of hair, and the fullness effect will last for a long time.


In our dry and wet combing conditioning tests, shampoo added with 2% CARFIL ® H10 can better reduce the impact of shampoo on combing function. Of course, shampoo added with 5% CARFIL ® H10 can provide better and excellent results. Conditioning.


In experiments on hair curl retention and antistatic properties, adding 2.5% CARFIL ® H10 can significantly improve hair curl retention and reduce the impact of hair static electricity.


3. Summary  

Based on the above data, CARFIL ® H10 has excellent effects on hair volume, dry combing, wet combing, curl retention and antistatic properties.

In terms of safety, it has passed the BCOP test and the anti-corrosion challenge test. It has no compounded cassone and paraben, and no harmful solvents. In terms of use, it has a low odor and is suitable for transparent silicone-free formulas.


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